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Top Punk Rock Groups

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Below is a list of the top Punk Rock Groups with links to websites and videos for their top music. Punk Rock Bands first appeared around 1975 in the UK and US.

By the 1990s, a large number of similar Punk Rock Bands were appearing, a bit more refined, normally referred to as Punk Pop bands. This list contains many of the original Punk Rock groups.

The Google play links allow you to preview & download all the artists songs / albums.

Top Punk Rock Groups

Abrasive Wheels . Wiki UK Marching In . Burn Em Down . Google play

Bad Religeon . Wiki U hits Punk Rock Song . Los Angeles . Google play

Dead Kennedays . Wki US hits I Fought The Law . California . Google play

Dropkick Murphys . Wki US Shipping Up To Boston . Rose Tattoo . Google play

Generation X . Wiki UK hits Your Generation . King Rocker . Google play

Green Day . Wiki US hits Jesus Of Suburbia . Broken Dreams . Google play

My Chemical Romance . Wiki US Last Words . Black Parade . Google play

NOFX . Wiki US hits Dont Call Me White . Linoleum . Google play

Sex Pistols . Wiki UK Anarchy In The UK . God Save The Queen . Google play

Sham 69 . Wiki UK hits Hersham Boys . Hurry Up Harry . Google play

Social Distortion . Wiki US Dont Drag Me Down . Angels Sing . Google play

The Clash . Wiki UK hits I Fought The Law . Should I Stay . Google play

The Damned . Wiki UK hits New Rose . Smash It Up . Google play

The Dickies . Wiki US hits Banana Splits . Paranoid . Google play

The Misfits . Wiki US Last Caress . Descending Angel . Google play

The Ramones . Wiki US hits Blitzkrieg Bop . She is The One . Google play

The Runaways . Wiki US hits Cherry Bomb . Dead End Justice . Google play

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