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Top 50 90s Pop Groups

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Below is a list of the Top 50 90s Pop groups , bands , singers with links to websites and videos for their top music. These Pop Bands / Solo Artists either formed, or became famous in the 1990s.

Other groups or solo performers in the 90s for Dance, New Wave, R&B, Rock, Punk and Soul, visit the Home Page.

The Google play links allow you to preview & download all the artists songs / albums.

Top 50 90s Pop Groups

2 Unlimited . Wiki Dutch hits No Limit . The Real Thing . Google play

Ace of Base . Wiki Sweden hits All That She Wants . The Sign . Google play

Aqua . Wiki Denmark hits Barbie Girl . Doctor Jones . Google play

Baby D . Wiki UK hits Let Me Be Your Fantasy . Got To Learn . Google play

Babylon Zoo . Wiki UK hits Spaceman . Animal Army . Google play

Baz Luhrmann . Wiki . Aus Free To Wear Sunscreen . Google play

Beats International . Wiki UK Dub Be Good To Me . Wont Talk . Google play

Billie Piper . Wiki UK hits Because We Want To . Girlfriend . Google play

Britney Spears . Wiki US hits Baby One More Time . Work B**ch . Google play

Chesney Hawkes . Wiki UK The One And Only . Secrets . Google play

Color Me Bad . Wiki US hits I wanna Sex You Up . All 4 Love . Google play

Cornershop . Wiki UK Brimful of Asha . Sleep On The Left Side . Google play

D Ream . Wiki Ireland Can Only Get Better . U R The Best Thing . Google play

Eiffel 65 . Wiki Italy hits Blue Da Ba Dee . Move Your Body . Google play

Enigma . Wiki Germany hits Sadness . The Rivers Of Belief . Google play

Erasure . Wiki UK hits Abba Esque . Oh LAmour . Google play

Geri Halliwell . Wiki UK hits Lift Me Up . Its Raining Men . Google play

Gina G . Wiki Aust Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit . I Belong To You . Google play

Hale & Pace . Wiki UK hits The Stonk . Scouser Song

Jimmy Nail . Wiki UK hits Aint No Doubt . Crocodile Shoes . Google play

Madonna . Wiki US hits Vogue . Frozen . Google play

Martine McCutcheon . Wiki UK Perfect Moment . In Your Sleep . Google play

No Doubt . Wiki US Dont Speak . Its My Life . Google play

Olive . Wiki UK hits Your Not Alone . Outlaw . Google play

Partners In Kryme . Wiki US hits Turtle Power . Google play

Peter Andre . Wiki Australia hits Flava . I Feel You . Google play

Rednex . Wiki Sweden Cotton Eye Joe . Wish You Were Here . Google play

Right Said Fred . Wiki UK hits Deeply Dippy . Im Too Sexy . Google play

Robson and Jerome . Wiki UK Unchained Melody . I Believe . Google play

S Club 7 . Wiki UK hits Bring It All Back . Dont Stop Movin . Google play

Shakespears Sister . Wiki UK hits Stay . Your History . Google play

Shanks & Bigfoot . Wiki UK Sweet Like Chocolate . Sing Along . Google play

Sinead O Connor . Wiki Ireland Nothing Compares . Mandinka . Google play

Snap . Wiki Germany hits Power . Rhythem Is A Dancer . Google play

Steps . Wiki UK hits Tradgedy . 5 6 7 8 . Google play

Tasmin Archer . Wiki UK hits Sleeping Satellite . In Your Care . Google play

Timmy Mallet . Wiki UK hits Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny . Google play

The Bluebells . Wiki UK hits Young At Heart . Im Falling . Google play

The Chemical Brothers . Wiki UK hits The Setting Sun . Hey Boy . Google play

The Pretenders . Wiki UK hits Ill Stand By You . Chain Gang . Google play

The Shamen . Wiki UK Ebeneezer Goode . Move Any Mountain . Google play

The Steve Miller Band . Wiki US hits The Joker . Abracadabra . Google play

The Tamperer . Wiki Italian hits Feel It . Google play

Tony di Bart . Wiki UK hits The Real Thing . Do It . Google play

Tori Amos . Wiki US hits Cornflake Girl . Professional Widow . Google play

Vic Reves . Wiki UK hits Dizzy . Im A Believer . Google play

Vengaboys . Wiki Holl hits Boom Boom Boom . Going To Ibiza . Google play

Wamdue Project . Wiki . King Of My Castle . You Are The Reason . Google play

Whigfield . Wiki Denmark hits Saturday Night . Think Of You . Google play

White Town . Wiki UK hits Your Woman . Undressed . Google play

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